Anna Lee - Mine of Death, 4:15am
Thoughts on Abominations

Anna wiped her brow.

It was colder down here, but the exhaustion of using so much magic was starting to catch up to her. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could keep this up.

They had killed one abomination in Deep Bore 8, another just a few moments ago as it almost overcame them, and yet another when the Professor rigged the machine to explode in the Gullet.

Everyone was looking a little worse for wear. The Doc had saved them from the explosion, but now he lay unconscious. Anna knew if she kept using her magic like she’d been doing, she would soon find herself joining him. Her thoughts wandered to her pouch of vials. She wondered if the elixir could wake him. But even so, would he want to be wakened by an unnatural concoction? Did it even matter if they were all going to die anyway?

She had to push those thoughts aside, as they were fast approaching the most horrid of the abomination’s yet—the Cart Beast. The Crowman had destroyed the cart tracks behind them; their only way through was forward—into the lair of the Cart Beast itself.

She had set out to find Nina—save her if she could, or avenge her if she couldn’t. This wasn’t doing that. But it didn’t mean it didn’t need doing.

She found her thumb rubbing Nina’s locket as she clutched it to her chest. It had replaced her own locket in her calming ritual of rubbing over the metal.

No, putting this beast down wouldn’t bring her closer to finding Nina, but it would be something her love would want her to do. Some of the others didn’t seem sure about their odds, but they were all there together anyway.

Anna knew they could do it. She had a mission, goddamnit, and she wasn’t letting this thing take another soul.

And by all the gods she didn’t believe in, she was ready to send it back to hell where it belonged!


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